Friday, October 9, 2009

It is not every father

So I am going to brag a bit. Right now I am sitting in a hotel room by Disney with C1 (14), A (4) and RP (3). The Wife is enjoying her peace at home (though C2 is bitterly complaining that he should have gotten to skip school and go with us even though he has already had 3 absences from school this year).

One of my pride points as a father is that I have never been afraid to alone on adventures with my children. I have always been willing to pick up a diaper bag and just go! We are enjoying the heck out of ourselves. C1 is at the World Cup for Paintball (you laugh but ESPN televises it) and A and RP and I have been going to Disney each day. Today we wandered all around the magic Kingdom and tomorrow we are going to Animal Kingdom.

The hotel we are in is sort of interesting. It has huge rooms (my room has two king size beds and room to spare). So the rooms fit about a $75 a night hotel. The lobby is extravagant for a hotel like this and would fit a $100 a night hotel (or more). Then the hallways are nasty and would go will with a $25 a night fleabag! So an interesting place. I got it for $50 a night. It is safe and good enough for the boys. The Wife would not be caught dead here. It is a good thing The Wife does not read this blog either or she might drive up here and rescue RP!

The funny thing is that when I traveled for my company I would never have stayed at even a $100 a night hotel. It was always luxury hotels for me! When I vacationed it was always in the same quality of hotel using points. Now that I am not in consulting my tastes are much cheaper. When The Wife is with me I will stay in a nice place but when it is just me and the kids we downscale substantially. When I am adventuring we don't need much of a hotel anyway since we are never there.